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Blueberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie


I would just like to start by saying that Dr. Paul and I have been enjoying this recipe for many years. It is for an absolutely delicious smoothie that we have every morning for breakfast. It is so easy to make, that Dr. Paul is the Chef for this meal - all you need is a small blender and it takes only minutes to make and consume, making it ideal for a busy morning - no excuses!

It sits lightly and carries us through all morning until lunchtime with no cravings because it is a high quality protein meal - no plunge in energy - just a nice consistent fuel every time. You have to try this - especially if you are trying to move toward a Wellness Lifestyle of 'Healthy Eating'- that is - reducing carbs, grain and dairy and having more fruits (antioxidants) and omega 3's in your diet. You will find you drop weight easily without even trying, have more energy, think more clearly and move your body toward homeostasis by dropping the cereals, bagels, croissants (you get the idea). The Alcabase is added to alkalinize your body which helps reduce body acidity - the main complaints of which are body aches and lethargy. Other berries can be used if preferred such as cranberry, strawberries, blackberries, etc. My preference is always organic because of the high pesticide use in berries.

Enjoy & Start the New Year Eating Clean - Sharon

P.S. For those of you who have seen Dr. Paul for a Nutritional Counselling session and are on a carb restricted diet to lose weight, use this recipe without the berries.

12 oz distilled, filtered or fresh spring water (we use distilled)

2 scoops vanilla Whey Protein Isolate

1 Tbsp. certified organic flax seed oil by Omega Nutrition

1 Tbsp Gold Top Organics cold milled golden ground flax seed

2 heaping Tbsp. fresh or frozen wild organic blueberries (we use frozen "PC Organics")

1 scoop Alcabase

In a small blender, place the water and frozen berries and puree. Then add all the remaining ingredients and blend gently until smooth. Note: Do not over blend the protein powder. Enjoy immediately for a refreshing meal packed with muscle building protein, low in carbs, dairy & grain free.

We use Absolute Whey Protein by InterActive Nutrition (100% Natural Ingredients using New Zealand Whey Proteins) or Whey Basics by Douglas Labs, as well as the Alcabase - all available at our Centre. We purchase the flax seed oil and wild blueberries at Loblaws in their health food section - the ground flax seed is found at the Big Carrot in the refrigerated section.


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