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Meet the Team

  • Sharon Heslip Kennedy
    Office Manager, "Superstar" Chiropractic Assistant, Certified Reflexologist ...and Dr. Paul's wife

    'Every day I am inspired to go to the 'North Bay Chiropractic & Laser Centre' and look for more ways to Serve our patients -- A smile, a thoughtful word, or simply just listening.  Over the years, I have seen many miracles occur with Dr. Paul at our Centre.  I am very grateful to the chiropractic profession because it has meant so much in my life.  Chiropractic relieved the many pains I had in adolescence that medicine had no solution for (migraines and 'growing pains').  It has taken me on a life journey of health, wellness and true healing.  Because of this, I am living a healthy life and can pass my knowledge and experience on to others so they too can discover wellness through chiropractic.'

    Like her Grandmother and Mother before her, Sharon is a third generation Chiropractic Assistant.  She has been involved with the chiropractic profession for forty years.  After graduating from Centennial College's Medical Secretarial Program, fate would have it that she began her career as a Chiropractic Assistant.  She concurrently served as Recording Secretary for the Council on Chiropractic Education (Canada) (CCE) for 15 years.  She is a practicing Certified Reflexologist and has a passion for wellness related knowledge.  She is constantly studying, attending seminars and reading.  She LOVES her job as a Chiropractic Assistant for the North Bay Chiropractic & Laser Centre.  She is Dr. Paul Kennedy's wife and a mother of one.  Her favourite hobbies are Practicing Kundalini Yoga, Belly Dancing, which she has studied for over twenty years, Gardening, Hiking, Photography, Piano and Geneology.


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