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We had this delicious dish at our Friend's house recently and she was kind enough to share the recipe with me.  She tells me there are three great things about this recipe - you can roast and peel the peppers a few days before making the rest of the recipe, it freezes well, and it tastes great warm, at room temp, or cold (keeps for several days in the fridge).  So we just had to share it with you since Ontario peppers and tomatoes are in season right now.  Oh, and if you are vegetarian, it would certainly be a meal or side dish that you could also partake in.  Enjoy!!!
2 tbsp butter
1/4 cup olive oil (she usually uses about 2 Tbsp.) {when I made it, I omitted the butter and only used olive oil since we don't eat dairy}
1 pound onions, sliced thin (1/8")
2 lbs peppers (red, yellow, orange, green) charred under the broiler, skins removed, cut into 1 x 1/2" strips
2 lbs tomatoes, peeled and chopped  (approx 3 cups) (in the winter I use a 28 oz can of imported Italian tomatoes, chopped)
1 tsp red wine vinegar (I use more like 1 tbsp)
salt and pepper
In a heavy skillet, melt the butter and olive oil over moderate heat.  Add the onions and cook them, turning them frequently, for about 10 minutes or until they are soft and lightly browned.  Stir in the peppers, reduce the heat, and cover the skillet - cook for 10 minutes.  Add the tomatoes, vinegar, salt and a few grinds of pepper and cook for another 5 minutes. 
Then remove the cover, turn up to a high heat and cook, stirring gently, until almost all the liquid has boiled away. 

That's it!  DELICIOUS!!!
To char peppers

- on a BBQ - just place them on whole and turn them occasionally.  The skins must be blackened (don't be afraid - they won't taste burnt).  Then place them in a covered bowl for about 10 minutes to steam.  The skins will slip right off - you can keep the peppers in the fridge for a few days, or freeze them wrapped in saran wrap.
Under the broiler - I cut them into halves or quarters to make them lie flat on the cookie sheet.  The skins must be blackened all over or peeling will not be easy.

How to Peel Tomatoes

Place a saucepan 3/4 full of water over high heat and bring to a boil.
Dip tomatoes that need to be peeled in the boiling water for 1 - 2 minutes.
Remove tomatoes and set aside to cool enough so that you can handle them.

Gently pierce, just barely, the skin of the tomatoes with the tip of a sharp knife. Loosen the skin with the knife and peel away. Repeat with all the tomatoes

Note:   This recipe works best with bell peppers.  I have tried using the Shepherd peppers that come out in the fall (usually cheaper) but I find they are too dry for the roasting process.

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